List of Changes to ECB Clubmark Criteria and supporting CD ROM (December 2010)

In December 2010 ECB introduced a number of changes to the Clubmark process. Full details are available on the YCB website at - 'Clubs and Club Development' – 'Clubmark'.

In summary, these changes include:

  • White plastic ring binder replaced with a zip-up folder
  • CD ROM has been replaced by a USB memory stick
  • Any club that has not achieved accredited three years after initial registration will be de-registered. Clubs can apply to re-register when ready.
  • Criterion 1.3 – Time to Listen workshops have been replaced by a cricket-specific Safe Hands workshop for CWO's which will be piloted in 2011.
  • Criterion 1.8 – A map / directions / telephone number of hospitals / doctors surgery to be displayed in changing rooms as well as club's notice board / website.
  • Criterion 3.3 – Coaches no longer need to repeat "Equity in Your Coaching" workshop every three years, as long as a current qualified coach has attended.
  • Criterion 3.7 – One game Pledge sign-up has been improved to include an automatic email confirmation which should be printed and produced as evidence.

List of Changes to ECB Clubmark Criteria and Supporting CD ROM - (Folder version: January 2010)

ECB and Sport England working together to help your club get the recognition it deserves.

If a club takes the welfare of its junior members seriously and wants to provide a junior section that is recognized as being well organized the ECB ClubMark accreditation scheme is for them.

ClubMark has been developed with Sport England to set down a set of criteria and a support process for clubs to work through that will enable them to gain accreditation.

ClubMark benefits clubs in a number of ways such as:

  • Support from your CDM and County Cricket Board
  • Support from your Local Authority Sports Development Officer
  • Support from your County Sports Partnership
  • Help with long term planning
  • Help promote your club to the local community
  • Help with advice and applying for grant aid
  • Help to develop your coaches and volunteers
  • Priority for grant aid sources such as the Community Club Development Fund

More importantly the ClubMark logo can be carried on any club literature and promotional materials which confirms their commitment to a safe, child friendly junior section which will appeal to:

  • Local Parents
  • Local School Teachers
  • Local Community Groups
  • Funding Agencies
  • Local Authority Sports Development Teams
  • Commercial Sponsors

Getting your club registered for the ClubMark scheme could not be easier. Just contact your Cricket Development Manager:- West Yorkshire CDM – Steve Archer who will be able to send you a very simple and straight forward Registration Form to complete.

You will be expected to fulfil specific criteria based around the following areas:

  • Duty of care and child welfare
  • Coaching and competition
  • Sports equity and ethics
  • Club Management

Once registered ECB will send you, via your CDM, the following to help you work towards ClubMark:

A Cricket Assessment File that outlines the key criteria that need to met and the evidence you need to produce to show you have met the criteria.

A CD Resource Pack that gives you much of the information you will need to use to gain ClubMark accreditation such as copies of :

  • A Model Club Constitution
  • Model codes of conduct
  • Model equity policy
  • Model volunteer job descriptions
  • Model accident report forms
  • Model attendance registers

In addition your CDM and County Sports Partnership will be able to offer you subsidized places on some key training courses aimed at bringing you and your coaches/volunteers up to date with the latest in Child Welfare issues.

There are no time limits for the completion of ClubMark accreditation. Every club is different and for some clubs it may take a few months for others it may take longer – the pace is driven by the club.

If a club wants to join the ever growing number of clubs involved in the scheme and get the credit it deserves for the care it takes of junior members, contact Steve now and get registered...