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Child Welfare Contacts


Halifax League Welfare Officer

Neil Myers:


All clubs have a Club Welfare Officer (CWO) sometimes referred to as a Child Welfare Officer (CWO) who has

  • been notified to the League Welfare Officer
  • attended the Safeguarding and Protecting Children Training Course
  • attended the Safe Hands Workshop
  • completed an enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check

(these are renewable every three years)

All CWO's must have carried out a risk assessment of which posts at their club require DBS checks. This assessment should be approved by the clubs Management Committee.

ECB has developed guidance for clubs on which posts require DBS checks, but there will be certain posts that require the club to consider the situation as it applies to their club.

The posts where a DBS check is always required are:

  • Club Welfare Officer (CWO)
  • Coaches
  • Junior Co-ordinator (where applicable)
  • UmpiresScorers (16 and over)
  • Junior Managers
  • Club Captains / Vice-Captains
  • First-aiders

The posts where clubs should use their discretion based on their own circumstances include:

  • Ground staff
  • Bar staff
  • Catering staff (where regular and unsupervised, and sole access)
  • Secretary (where access to personal records)
  • Treasurer (where access to personal records)
  • Web-site administrator (where access to personal records)

The CWO must maintain a record of all members who have been submitted for a DBS check, to ensure they receive a response. They must also record the disclosure number and renewal date in a secure place which will enable them to remind members of the need to renew (every 3 years)

The CWO must also ensure that a supply of Self-Declaration Forms are available at the club, should they be required.